Herne Hill Music Festival

OCT 2024
11th - 20th

St Faith's Church

62 Red Post Hill
SE24 9JQ


Peter and the Wolves

Well, it’s usually called Peter and the Wolf, but in our performance there will be a whole pack of wolves.

Tickets will be available to parents of the children performing in early September, and available to the public after that.

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Peter and the Wolves

Peter and the Wolf, by the Soviet Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev, and was written to introduce children to the sounds of the orchestra instruments. Each character in the story is represented by a different instrument. In our version, children will be performing the parts of the characters. Because so many children are involved, there will be a whole pack of wolves, a flock of birds …

The story: Peter, lives with his grandfather in a forest clearing. One day, Peter goes out into the clearing, and the ducks that live in the yard come out to swim in a pond. Peter's grandfather scolds him for staying outside, and takes him back in. Soon after, a pack of wolves come out of the forest. The cats climbs into the tree with the flock of birds, but the wolves eat ducks.

Peter cleverly catches the wolves by their tails. Hunters come out of the forest ready to fire their guns, but Peter tells them to help him take the wolves to a zoo instead. They all parade away, but careful listeners can still hear the ducks because they were swallowed whole.


Dulwich Symphony Orchestra

The Dulwich Symphony Orchestra is made up of amateur musicians from Lambeth and Southwark. It gives three concerts a year at All Saints' West Dulwich under its conductor Chris Stark and leader Paula Tysal. The orchestra plays famous pieces from the 19th and 20th century, but is also committed to exploring the work of lesser-known composers. Current projects include a joint concert with the Dulwich Choral Society in November 2024. New members, especially string players, are always welcome.


Judith Kerr Primary School

Judith Kerr Primary School Choir

The story is usually narrated without performers, but in our version each character will be represented by Year 5 children from Judith Kerr Primary School. The school is a two-form entry, vibrant, and inclusive primary school in Half Moon Lane, Herne Hill. The school is proud to be part of the Herne Hill Music Festival and we are really looking forward to working with the Dulwich Symphony Orchestra for this production.


Sponsored by the Herne Hill Society

Herne Hill is the area of South London that broadly corresponds to the postal district SE24. The Society, which now has nearly 400 members, was founded in 1982. It is an independent charity funded by members’ subscriptions, and democratically run by a Committee of unpaid volunteers who are elected annually.

We are very grateful to the Society, which has provided the bulk of the funding required for the performance.

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