Herne Hill Music
Festival 2018. Oct. 5th-14th
Programme 'The Lodger' Silent Film With Music

The Lodger (1927) - silent film with music

St Faith's Church

Red Post Hill
SE24 9JQ


The Lodger at the Door

Camberwell Community Choir and Band

One of Alfred Hitchcock's most celebrated films, The Lodger, is set in the London of the roaring 1920's. But at night, lurking in the fog, a serial killer known as 'The Avenger' is on the loose. When a mysterious man arrives at the house of Mr. and Mrs. Bunting, suspicions begin to arise...

Join us at St Faith's Church for a silent film screening with live music by Camberwell Community Choir and band. Reviewers frequently list The Lodger as being in the top three silent films ever made and Hitchcock'ssignature combination of stylish camera work, trick shots, menacing themes as well as a good dose of dark humour are all apparent here. Coupled with some hauntingly beautiful music for some of the film's intense set-pieces, this is a screening not to be missed. 1920's dress is very welcome.

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