Herne Hill Music Festival

OCT 2021
8th - 17th

The 2021 Festival

The 2021 Festival is now over and it has been a record success.

Nearly 1,400 people attended our 20 events - the highest ever.

The average audience at events was 69, again our highest ever.

Our performers earned nearly 7,000 between them, and over 2,000 was raised for the several charities we worked with.

The Festival has begun to attract audiences from a wider area than just Herne Hill and the surrounding communities. We also attracted a younger audience this year than previously, judging from the proportion of ticket sales at the full rather than the concessionary rate.

Sadly we lacked our two regular musical events with schools since the schools were in no position to take part in them. To balance that, we established new partnerships with Herne Hill Welcomes Refugees, the Friends of Ruskin Park, and St Paul's Church. We hope that the events this year run jointly with those organisations can become regular features of the Festival.

We hope to be are able to run the Festival again next year, but we are short of volunteers. If you feel you can help, please contact us.

Meanwhile, have a look at the events which took place this year - see the programme page - to give you and idea of the type of music we hope to present.